The All Ages Era

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With the cost-effectiveness of touring remaining up in the air, fewer bands are meeting the necessary requirements to hit the road. As a result, patrons and fans are less inclined to go out to shows, and venue owners are facing more dead nights. How to deal?

More than ever, venues are opening their doors to all ages. It’s not a mystery why, with the obvious fiscal benefits gained by doing so. But is it the best choice for underground music? The strategy for coping with hard-hit finances calls for change. It’s putting a mark on the face of live shows every calendar day. Early performances are more frequent as well as a surge of music that caters to suggestible minds. It’s an unnatural mingling of underground live shows with a young hipster coffee scene. Could it work? Yeah, but why? An alternative to this desperate solution would be simple — reduce cover charges, and advertise tactfully.

When a venue like Marilyn's -- a place marked by licentious behavior and good times -- opens its doors to all ages, it would seem that all hell would break loose. Underage drinking and jail-bait everywhere; things nobody wants to see. Instead there are more frequent patrols, with the Man watching much closer.

At this rate, the pride of live underground shows will only be found in ill obscure places, driven further into midtown and the back fringes of the capitol city.

Debut de Mondo

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Mondo Deco has a forthcoming debut, and it's approaching fast. The Sacramento-based band is anticipated to put on a great show, and to magnetize anybody who wanders too close to the speakers.

The group is made of true grit, persistence, and artistic vision between old friends. Jeremy Green, the singer and guitarist from Goodness Gracious Me, and drummer-extraordinaire, Billy Ewing, were batting around the idea of Mondo Deco for a long time. The dream had remained only a wistful back-porch musing until recently when they picked up bassist Steve Robinson from Matinee Idols, and Kolton Kammerer, formerly of The Order of the Golden Mirror. The rest is history -- or will be.

Friday, Oct 23 Mondo Deco, will be mashing out a delicious musical cuisine all night at Old Ironsides, along with The Parties and The New Fidelity. I wont miss a beat of it, and maybe for no reason other than to confirm what remarkable music I heard while screening Mondo Deco's sampler cd. This band is definitely going to draw a crowd with its Sacramento premier.

With the onset of their debut performance, Mondo Deco will also be unleashing a demo and unveiling a unique online profile. Keep an eye out for this band as it will soon be raiding the airwaves near you.

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